Newsletter 20: How Jimmy Stewart was an actual hero.



This week, I read these things:

Jennifer Lopez sued for not tweeting about hoverboards.

A pair of 124 year-old, unworn Levi's jeans found in Arizona.

Do you feel like a fraud? Practical techniques to fight "imposter syndrome".

Yes, there were Jewish pirates.

I watched/listened to:
Weeds In The Wild podcast: how the U.S. Immigration system broke.

Aaron Sorkin loves plagiarizing himself: a supercut of Sorkinisms.

Matt Ruby's stand-up album, Hot Flashes, is great.

Jimmy Stewart served with astounding heroism in WWII and never talked about it. Robert Matzen found his war records to tell the full story. He's on the AOM podcast.

(Extra: Stewart had PTSD attacks while filming It's A Wonderful Life. This scene, George Bailey's prayer in Martini's bar, was shot in one take. Stewart refused to do more, fearing traumatic memories would overwhelm him.)

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