2015 for me

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.29.28 PM Hey everybody!

It was a good year.

Professionally, I’m still a writer at Comedy Central. I was on the team that re-launched The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. One of my scripts was made into a national ad (watch it here). One of my concepts was made into a secret YouTube game (here). And one of my tag lines made it onto posters that appeared all over Times Square and the New York City subway (see 'em here). Every single one of those things was developed, built and polished by 50+ other people, all of whom have vast talents. I’m very lucky to work alongside them.

I launched a podcast called Special People with Tom Cowell. I interview cool people about the most important people in their lives. Plus jokes – we make a lot of jokes. I’ve interviewed a former professional wrestler, bestselling authors, Emmy winners, kangaroo shooters, and next week is my first Pulitzer Prize recipient. I’m proud of the show. I hope to build it up further. You can listen to all the episodes for free here, or subscribe here in iTunes.

I stood on stages and told jokes over 150 times this year. Stand-up comedy continues to be the most rewarding, frustrating, addicting pursuit imaginable. It’s a puzzle that cannot be solved. Like golf, but with dick jokes.

I’m still crazy in love with my wife Maresa. She’s really great. Have you met her? Highly recommend it.

My mother, the former communications director for Britain’s leading heart charity (the BHF) received an M.B.E. from The Crown this year. We are very proud of her. We got to visit Buckingham Palace: sweet pad. You can read my account of that day here.

One sad thing: our cat Simon passed away at the ripe old age of 18. There was no pain at the end. We miss him, but so grateful that we were part of each other’s lives.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to hear about where you are in life, love, work and play.

Get in touch. cowellt@gmail.com.

Love to all.

Your pal,

- Tom