How I got hired at Comedy Central

ComedyCentralLogo People ask me this a lot. Here's the short version.

I did stand-up and freelance journalism in NYC for four years.

I got annoyed that no one knew about great comedy shows that my friends ran.

I approached the Village Voice about doing a weekly post highlighting these shows. They said "let's try it".

I did weekly posts for 2 years. I called it Cheap Laughs. I handed it off to Amy Hawthorne recently. She's great.

One person who's show I recommended was very grateful and became a friend.

6 months later, out of nowhere, that person recommended me for a job at Comedy Central.

I had four interviews.

After that, a great guy called Bob Salazar said "come in and write copy for us for two weeks".

That turned into a month.

That turned into three months.

That turned into a year.

So, that's a totally un-replicable career path. But it seemed to work for me.