Good karma

This week I did a bunch of stuff for other people, with no expectation they would help me in return. This is rare for me. I am a hardcore fan of self-absorption. It’s an addictive rush. Like a runner’s high for people who don’t run, but work hard at being selfish dicks. But this week, I helped a family member who was in a bind. And I referred a complete stranger who I met on a plane to some job opportunities (not in my ‘field’). So far, what I did seems to be panning out for both of them. I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that soon afterwards, I bumped into a very decent and generous comedian friend of mine (for his modesty I won’t name him) who in the space of 30 minutes, provided me with some of the most valuable advice and potential writing leads that I’ve ever received. This is in the same week that another comic friend referred me to a club in New York where I may be able to get regular work.

It’s tough to put this kind of serendipity into a cosmic framework when you… don’t have a cosmic framework. I don’t know how the universe works. But I know these events are connected. Am I Buddhist now? Do I need to buy some sort of holy robe? I hope not. I look fat in sheets.