I'm an inventor now

Screenshot 2014-04-28 11.17.22 I’m an inventor now. I invented something this morning. This is my invention:

A notepad for the shower.

We all have our best ideas in the shower, but how do we capture them? Introducing, THE SHOWER GENIUS. It’s a hi-tech dry erase board with oil based pens that don’t smear under hot, pressured water. It attaches to your bathroom tile with super powerful suction cups (probably with a cool lever).

I am NOT going to Google this idea to see if someone else thought of it already. Because if they have, then I’m not an inventor, I’m just a loser who had the same idea as another, smarter guy, a little bit after him. Burst my bubble? No thanks. Inside this bubble, life is pretty great right now. I’m rich, I’m famous, I’m on TV (I do my own commercials).

I’m never going to actually DO anything to make THE SHOWER GENIUS happen. That would require hard work, trial and error, and, well, that Googling thing. Not going to happen. But in MY head, until I forget about the whole idea, I’m Steve Jobs.

Think Different.

(I just googled it and it’s been done. I’m so disappointed.)