New jokes (that'll be old soon)

The pope is asking catholic priests to only drive "humble" cars, not flashy new ones. To put his case, he quoted the Bible's least known book, "The Gospel According to a 2003 Toyota Camry." Eliot Spitzer is back. Most men caught with a hooker get a felony. Spitzer got two talk shows and will walk into a job paying $185k. So here's my question: who's got two thumbs and wants to be caught with a hooker?

Eloit Spitzer is the Rosa Parks of men who pay for sex. He's breaking that mirrored ceiling for all of us.

Spitzer is running as New York's fiscal watchdog. His campaign slogan? "You're money's on the table."

With Spitzer and Weiner back, it's perfect timing for Christine Quinn's new campaign slogan - "Quinn: No dick moves."